Michigan Mobility 2045

2045 State Long-Range Transportation Plan

A vibrant multimodal transportation system is vital to Michigan's future economic viability and competitiveness. Michigan's geography, manufacturing prowess, and outstanding higher education institutions position our state to lead in transportation innovation... a transportation system that will support improved safety, infrastructure conditions, system reliability and drive statewide economic investments.

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MDOT to host open house on I-94 bridge replacement in Detroit and long-range transportation visioning plan

An open house-style meeting will inform the public on the replacement of the Concord Avenue and French Road overpasses above I-94 in Detroit. Coinciding with the meeting, MDOT will seek vital input to help establish transportation priorities and a vision for Michigan Mobility 2045, a new state long-range transportation plan.

February 5 and 6 Telephone Town Hall Meetings

MDOT held two telephone town hall meetings in February to hear opinions and answer questions from members of the public about the future of transportation in Michigan. Input will be used for the Michigan Mobility 2045 State Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Michigan Mobility 2045 Public Stakeholder and Participation Plan

MDOT has created a Plan for Phase I (visioning) and Phase II (plan development) of the Michigan Mobility 2045 state long-range transportation planning process. The PSPP ensures that extensive efforts will be made to gather public and stakeholder input, including views on freight, rail, transit, passenger, aviation, bicycle, pedestrian, highway, and other transportation issues important to Michigan.

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