Learn/ Goals & Guiding Principles

The Michigan Department of Transportation's Executive Team officially adopted the goals and guiding principles for Michigan Mobility 2045. These goals, along with the guiding principles, were developed through a collaborative process with MDOT and its Stakeholder Group at a workshop on August 28, 2019. These six goals serve as the next step in implementing the Vision Statement, developed in June 2019 and adopted by the State Transportation Commission in July 2019.

Vision Statement

In 2045, Michigan's mobility network is safe, efficient, future-driven, and adaptable. This interconnected multimodal system is people-focused, equitable, reliable, convenient for all users and enriches Michigan's economic and societal vitality.

Through collaboration and innovation, Michigan will deliver a well-maintained and sustainably funded network where strategic investments are made in mobility options that improve quality of life, support public health, and promote resiliency.

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