Learn/ Purpose & Schedule

A vibrant multimodal transportation system is vital to Michigan's future economic viability and competitiveness. Michigan's geography, manufacturing prowess, and outstanding higher education institutions position our state to lead the nation and the world into the next generation of transportation innovation.

To meet this challenge, Michigan needs a vision for a 21st-century transportation system that will support user needs for improved safety, infrastructure conditions, and system reliability to drive statewide economic investments. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) developed an integrated, performance-based 2045 state long-range transportation Plan (named Michigan Mobility 2045) to guide implementation of this vision.

Michigan Mobility 2045 is a 25-year plan, started in 2020, for transforming Michigan's transportation system. MDOT developed a new plan to replace the existing plan, known as the MI Transportation Plan, in consultation with the public and stakeholders. The plan is the first of its kind to incorporate not only an overall vision of the state's transportation system, but also include two federally-required documents: the State Rail Plan and State Freight Plan . Combined, these three documents provide a streamlined vision of Michigan's transportation future across all transportation modes.

MM2045 Phase 2 Schedule

  • • Plan Framework

  • • Existing Conditions and Inventory
    • Objectives - Stakeholder Workshop
    • Baseline Trends
    • Forecasting Travel Demand
    • Base (Current) Investment Strategy
    • Scenario Planning Workshop
    • Economic and Technology Forecasts
    • Round 2 Public Involvement

  • • Leadership Team Update and Approval

  • • Future Modal Needs
    • Financial Planning - Revenue Forecasting
    • Base (Current) Investment Strategy
    • Revenue Gap Analysis
    • Strategies - Stakeholder Workshop
    • Performance Measures
    • Community, Environmental, Health

  • • Leadership Team Update and Approval

  • • Strategies/Policy Development
    • Freight/Rail Investment Plans and Projects
    • Economic Benefit Analysis

  • • Leadership Team Update and Approval

  • • Develop Draft Plan Document and Materials
    • System Performance Report
    • Strategic Multimodal Corridors Report
    • Active Transportation Plan
    • Transit Strategies

  • • Complete Draft Plan - Review
    • Leadership Team Presentation of Draft Plan

  • • State Transportation Commission Meeting - Draft Plan

  • • 30 Day Public Comment Period - Draft Plan

  • • Finalize Plan
    • Leadership Team Presentation of Final Plan

  • • State Transportation Commission Meeting - Adopt Plan