Learn/ Corridors Of Highest Significance

Corridors of Highest Significance are defined as an integrated, multi-modal system of transportation infrastructure along geographic corridors, which provide a high level of support for the international, national, and state economies. These corridors connect activity centers within and outside Michigan and serve the movements of people, services, and goods vital to the economic prosperity of Michigan.

To support the movement of people, goods, and services safely and efficiently, MDOT recognizes that passengers and freight travel must pass seamlessly along geographic corridors on multiple modes between locations or activity centers within and outside Michigan. The corridor-based analysis provided in previous state long range plans was grounded in the belief that specific corridors serve and support specific economic sectors.

The 2045 state long-range transportation plan prioritizes investments using a corridor planning and identification process that included the following criteria:

To define the Corridors of Highest Significance, the Michigan Mobility 2045 Plan drew from the latest available data and integrated the goals and objectives identified in the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) (Opens in a new window) .