Engage/ Public & Stakeholder
Participation Plan

MDOT has created a Public & Stakeholder Participation Plan (PSPP) for Phase I (visioning) and Phase II (plan development) of the Michigan Mobility 2045 state long-range transportation planning process. The PSPP ensures that extensive efforts will be made to gather public and stakeholder input, including views on freight, rail, transit, passenger, aviation, bicycle, pedestrian, highway, and other transportation issues important to Michigan's future. The PSPP also shows how public engagement will take place, how the public can provide ideas for making the plan better, and ways to ask questions about the plan.

Key elements of the plan include:

  • The use of innovative technology that allows MDOT to extend outreach to a larger and more diverse group of Michigan residents in developing MM 2045.
  • An attitudes and perceptions survey to ensure the needs and priorities of a representative sample of Michigan residents are considered.
  • Scenario planning to present transportation situations to the public in a realistic context to help determine a long-term vision for transportation in Michigan.
  • Meaningful and collaborative public engagement, including giving targeted consideration and attention to vulnerable environmental justice populations, marginalized communities and tribal governments.

Public and stakeholder engagement techniques outlined in the PSPP have been customized for use in establishing a transportation vision for Michigan and developing the MM 2045 SLRTP. The comprehensive PSPP was informed by a review of past and current MDOT practices, peer state reviews and was developed in consultation with Michigan's metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and regional planning agencies as well as the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Rail Administration (FRA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).