Engage/ Outreach Activities

MDOT's Public and Stakeholder Participation Plan (PSPP) provided a framework for public engagement activities and events instrumental to developing the Michigan Mobility 2045 Plan.

Priority Setting & Plan Development

The first round of public and stakeholder engagement activities focused on gathering public and stakeholder input to develop a long-range transportation vision in Michigan and on setting priorities for the Michigan Mobility 2045 Plan (MM2045). The process began in January 2019 and was completed in April 2019.

In the second round of public and stakeholder engagement activities, MDOT gathered public comment on initial findings identified during visioning workshops, obtained public and stakeholder input to inform MM2045, and solicited comments on the Draft MM2045 Plan.

MM2045 Plan development began in May 2019 and concluded in July 2021, with a public comment period through the month of August 2021, and final Plan adoption in November 2021.

Outreach Activities

Outreach activities were tailored to capture the needs of individuals from different cultures, underserved populations, disabled populations, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) groups, minorities, Native Americans, the elderly, and low-income populations.